The MyMedGas Services package includes all basic services available for registered customers. 

MyMedGas Basic Services

Service and Support

The health of your medical gas systems directly impacts both productivity of your facility and patient safety. When you choose BeaconMedaes as your medical gas service provider, you’ll be able to take advantage one of the largest field service forces in the industry. Our factory trained service team has the ability to reach any of the 50 states with the best response times in the industry helping ensure your systems stays in compliance. 

The services we offer to our customers are: 

Medical Gas Equipment Maintenance

●    A Medical Gas system’s components are linked together by the medical pipeline network. Failure of a major component can cause the shut down of important areas of your facility
    Planned Maintenance (PM) - Designed to keep your equipment  operating smoothly to prevent an unscheduled shutdown of your equipment
●    Corrective Maintenance - Restore equipment to proper operating condition

Site Surveys

   Largest field service force that has the ability to reach any of the 50 states with the best response times in the industry
●   You can rest assured that planned and corrective maintenance can be handled rapidly to maximize equipment uptime

Annual Inspections

Ensure your Medical Gas Equipment is operating safely and meet all the regulatory requirements

Boom and Headwall Inspections

●   Safeguard that hoses inside of booms and headwalls do not have leaks and correct flow
●   NFPA 99: 2018 requires hose inspections every 18 months


Able to confirm whether installation of medical gas equipment was done correctly and according to the code compliance

On-Hand Inventory for Faster Service

●   Large and vast “on-hand” inventory of medical gas parts.
●   Our service center stock over $1M worth of parts, so that your repair can be completed on the FIRST visit

Compliance Reporting

Provide Maintenance, Repair and Operational compliance information on all facilities at any time

Emergency Rental Equipment

●   Whether you have a catastrophic failure and need a rental, or you are in the process of replacing old equipment and need temporary backup, we can help
●   Full fleet of rental vacuum pumps and compressors available for emergency use

Scroll Air and Vacuum Retrofit Packages

●   Our Medical Scroll Air and Vacuum Pump retrofit packages makes your medical gas systems like new again
●   The retrofit kit packages allow service to be performed with minimal downtime and with the ability to service your air or vacuum system directly in the field, reducing future maintenance costs
●   With a wide range of compressor and vacuum retrofits available, from 2 HP to 15 HP, the kits are designed to meet specific applications