Using our advanced informational services (MyMedGas Care) will grant you a high-level view on the status of all your medical assets

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MyMedGas Advanced Services

Advanced Services

Information Management Dashboard

MyMedGas is controlled via an intuitive reporting dashboard that gives a clear, concise and easily understood overview. The dashboard contains links to all the information needed to manage your medical assets. 

Our solution visually tracks, analyses and displays key performance indicators, bringing intelligence to you:

Asset Status and Traceability

●    Complete asset lifecycle tracking while viewing the inspection status of the facility's medical gas requipment
    Manage assets for multiple facilities - helps facility managers know exact quantities, status and locations of all their medical gas equipment
●    Request service and quotes easily with one click of a button - 24/7 request for service and quotes

Preventative Maintenance 


●    Increase First-Time-Right Ratio -  Less service visits required to solve the issue because you know the exact status of all your equipment   ●    Know when Preventative Maintenance is due and when BeaconMedaes is scheduled to provide service ●    Know the maintenance task performed at each interval (Six months, One year, Two years)

MyMedGas helps you track the health of your equipment
and stay in compliance

TotalAlert Embedded Integration

●    Graphically track source equipment and vacuum systems run hours to ensure balance in pumps
●    Fault notifications as soon as they occur for faster response time
    Easy access to alarm Event Log to evaluate response time
●    Monitors left, right and reserve bank pressures on manifolds allowing for improved gas replacement schedule

Work Orders

●   Allows for flexibility to create and track work order process at the facility
●   Work orders are automatically created for preventative maintenance work by BeaconMedaes
●   Flexibility allows for manual assignment to BeaconMedaes, internal or external service company

Expanded Document Library

Get your critical documents under control:

●    Keep all compliance reports, quotes, and invoices in one place for easy access
●    Provides central location for Engineering documents such as O&M Manuals on all equipment
    Helps facility managers maintain control of all their documentation

extended document library

Extended Document Library