The MyMedGas Services package includes all basic services available for registered customers. Additionally, informational services are included and offered in our basic package to you free of extra charge.

MyMedGas Basic Services

Service and Support

Emergency Call Out

We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7days per week. 

Inspections (PPM)

Ensure your medical gas equipment is operating safely and meets all the regulatory requirements.

Compliance Reporting

The platform provides maintenance, repair and operational compliance information on all facilities at any time.

Integration Service / Initial Site Survey

After the site survey, each asset is loaded into MyMedGas, which records the initial report about the asset’s status. This mean you know the exact location of each equipment, its status and all related information such as manufacturer, serial number, model, kW rating, compliance and much more.  

Service and Preventative Maintenance

As well as PPM, we offer ad-hoc service or repair required during inspections or tests, including retrofit programs.  We are experts in your MGPS equipment as we have usually manufactured it ourselves and therefore have direct access to all pasts and documentation. We hold one of the biggest, if not the biggest, stocks of compressor and dryer parts in Europe and the UK. 

Active AGS Re-balancing

The active anaesthetic gas scavenge system (AAGSS) requires annual re-balancing under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).  

Pendant Inspections

    Safeguard that medical gas hoses inside the articulated arm and retractable pendants are not leaking or showing signs of degradation
●    All hoses should be replaced in line with the OEM requirement, typically every 3-5 years   

As-fitted Drawings

As-fitted drawings are scale drawings of a pipework system that show the exact positions of pipework, valves etc with respect to the layout of the building in which the system is fitted.  

The drawings are in AutoCAD format with each gas separately layered and are accurate to within a metre of the actual location to show the general location of equipment and run of pipework. 

Fixed Price Services

Ad-hoc service or corrective repair required during inspections or tests, also including retrofit programs. We know most about machines installed in your facility as we are in most of cases manufactured them ourselves and have direct access to all pasts and documentation. We hold one of the biggest (if not the biggest) stock of compressors and dryers’ parts in Europe and UK.

Pharmacist Test

MyMedGas allows you to confirm whether installation of medical gas equipment was done correctly and according to the code compliance.

MyMedGas Informational Services

Informational Services

Assets Status

Whatever we do for you, we stay transparent.  All equipment-related activities and data recorded are safely stored in the Cloud. You will have instant access to it at any time and from any place. This means you can take any equipment and check any records, showing what was done, when and how.

Document Library

The document library module gives you access to documentation, historical reports such as PPM inspections, repair or maintenance interventions and much more. It allows:

  Access to compliance reports in one place 
●  Instant access to reports once jobs are completed 
●  Easy viewing of reports per facility or as a complete sites overview

This allows facility managers to make better informed and faster decisions and comply easily with risk management procedures.