Using MyMedGas Care, our advanced information service, you can take a high-level view of the status of your medical gas pipeline system (MGPS).

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Our solution improves your document flow, starting with being able to see all your quotes and approving or rejecting them, then finishing with your work orders and internal jobs. This means that you can see and track anything that requires attention at a single glance.

What’s more, these files are not limited to BeaconMedaes. You also are able to upload all your own documentation into the system - design drawings, site layouts, historical reports etc.

In other words, MyMedGas becomes a complete ecosystem for everything related to your MGPS

MyMedGas Advanced Services

Advanced Services

Information Management Dashboard

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Medical gas is life support. It plays a vital role in delivering the best patient outcomes, which is why keeping your medical gas pipeline system in top condition is so important.

MyMedGas is controlled via an intuitive reporting dashboard that gives a clear, concise and easily understood overview of the MGPS. The dashboard contains links to all the information needed to manage your MGPS. Users can see at a glance the status of all work orders, the history of each asset, and a complete service report, and add or update information as needed. 

Work Orders

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MyMedGas allows you to create, follow-up, approve and close work orders. You are also able to control and view all service activities performed on your equipment by BeaconMedaes engineers.

●    Allows for flexibility to create and track your facility’s work order process     Automatically creates work orders for preventative maintenance work by BeaconMedaes    Enables manual assignment to BeaconMedaes or the internal/external service company

Extended Document Library

In addition to the standard functions of the document library, you can upload your own documentation, drawings, safety valve certificates, instruction books, parts lists and many more.

    Keeps all critical compliance reports, quotes, invoices in one place for easy access
    Creates one central location for engineering documents such as O&M manuals and parts lists